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It’s our 10th birthday!

Yes, 10 years have passed since the opening of A Casa di Delia !!!

I remember the enthusiasm of that period, the search for furniture to complete the setting, trying to put a lot of myself and my pleasure in beautiful and real things in the spaces of the b&b.

I remember the hesitation of those days, because it was throwing oneself once more into a life situation that was completely uncertain and different from what it was before.

Today I can say that there hasn’t been a better choice!

Thousands of people have passed through here in these 10 years, many are those who return.

Everyone has their own piece of life to tell, everyone brings something of himself, friendships are often born and life has become a constant surprise for what the next guest will have to leave behind.

This is a work that has focused and improved many sides of my character.

There is so much joy in being at the service of others, in trying to anticipate every desire of the guests, in making their stay a stay to remember, with sweetness, with a smile, with elegance and with discretion.

Thank you all.


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