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Spring is blooming at A Casa di Delia and Easter is approaching!

Look around: nature slowly awakens and the plants in the garden swell the buds. Here at A Casa di Delia the wild peach bushes are already in bloom and new life, silently, begins to flow everywhere.

All these wonderful natural signs tell us only one thing: spring is approaching and soon it will be Easter.

You can already start organizing yourself for splendid weekends immersed in the blossoming nature.

Our Bed & Breakfast will offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in suggestive paths to enjoy by pedaling or walking along the placid River Sile.

You can go to Treviso along the banks of the water or reach the Venice lagoon always along our calm and relaxing river.

For the more adventurous we can, on request, make kayaks or electric boats available to experience nature that awakens from a new and spectacular point of view. The wonder of Spring awaits you … A Casa di Delia!

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